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10 years later!!! [Mon, March 21st, 05 @ 05:17pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Wow its only been forever since i last got on here! What's with all the Hot or Not stuff? Are you pimping ppl? or is this Asian Hotties! or did you start your own lil club thingy? If so lemme in lemme in pleeeeaaaaaasssssse!?!?!?!!!! heehee! I could show you that great pic of me in the bunny hoodie, that would definitly get me some votes!!
I'm at daddys house right now, my spring break has been and is going to be soooooo gay, i can't beleive i'm frikin grounded sooo beyond gay. My cuzins are here, Candic'es lil bro and sis. they are pretty alright, don't talk much so i'm watching them tommorow and Thursday. Staying away from my mom as much as possible,she seriously was gunna make me go to work w/ her every day and read the book i was supposed to read for english and study my history. And i actually have to go Wed. but ima go over to starbux and be wanna those metro college kids w/ my latte and books, now all i need is the sweater set from Abercrombie! Well any way, ima go order pizza for din din! toodles!

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KATIE [Wed, July 21st, 04 @ 10:25pm]
Hey Chopper, I'm leaving tommorow for Ketucky, then Ohio and so on. Dustin is now traveling with us, so if he ignores you all weekend its because he's in Ohio! I'll call you when I get home on Monday and I'll be home on Tuesday. I'll try to comeover on Thursday mabye to save a little of whats left of your sanity from Thing1 &Thing2 my mom will probably want to have to her self for at least a day before I leave her again heehee. I'll talk to you later, or see you when I get home
BuhBye Luvya-Beans

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KATIE KATIE COME BACK!!!!!! [Sat, July 17th, 04 @ 10:28pm]
Hey i've been on for like an hour!!! where are you i'm suffering form withdrawl, save me katie save me!!!

BTW- read the comments on HIS journal, actually thecoment on his comment on my comment on his coment on my coment-i think ?!?!?


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Katie [Sat, July 17th, 04 @ 02:22pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

Hey, this post is just for you katie. like anyone else would be eading it anyway. But I can't talk to you in AIM because my dad's comp is to slow so if you can e-mail me at CBean132@Yahoo And i couldn't find that commentyou were telling me about. Was it on his July 15th post? I dunno e-mail about it!
Talk to you in a lil bit Luvya BuhBye- Beans

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my kt mae. [Sat, May 8th, 04 @ 09:47am]
[ mood | cold ]

i love my kt mae.
she is so happy and proccupied right now.
i could sit and talk in the phone for hours with jeremy and she was content sitting at her computer and talking...well, asking and answering questions, with that one dude.
seriously, they went on and on and back an forth asking useless questions and i was getting a headache from it all and had to steal the keyboard and end it.
but shes happy.
and shes over everything.
i s'pose she has been for a good time now.
but she doesnt talk about it anymore.
i havent heard that name in almost 2 weeks. and she tells me everything. not a single good or bad word about it. i mean, the kid was lame to do that to her and to lie to her. shes not stupid, she figured it all out within a coupla days. she knows. and if i were her, i would have broken down. i mean she thought there was somehthing and in the end he broke her and lied and she found it was nothing. thats ruff on a girl. she handled it so well. shes the strongest person in the world, i believe. now she is all into this new person that i dont really know, but have meet a few times at teh concerts and whatnot, but i dunno. i can see that she is still scared of being broken again...but this guy doesnt seem to be an ass. he seems real and im happy for my kt mae.

but anyway, me and jeremy are good and i cant wait for the cruise. yay!

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mich's red banana [Fri, May 7th, 04 @ 06:49pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

hey hey at choppers crib again!
made a new IM screen name michsredbanana, some bitch already had red banana's and i spelled mitch wrong, yeah its all a bitch!!! well gunna look up some Steven Lynch and mby add some hot away messages that 'll never use!!!

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Do your ears hang low? [Sat, March 27th, 04 @ 02:51pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Do your ears hang low?
do they wobble to and fro?
Can you tie 'em in a not can you tie 'em in a bow?
Can you throw 'em over your shoulder like a continental soldier?
Do your ears hang low?

really do they?
cause i used to have this bus driver when i lived in Cali and he was really old and wrinkly and his ears hang waaaaaay low. it was kinda creepy and when he talked to you they jiggled, haha they 'wobbled to and fro' and they touched his shoulders. isn't that nasty? i hope when i get old my ears don't hang low cause thats just nAsty!

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Lezli the Lezbo [Sat, March 27th, 04 @ 12:43pm]
[ mood | content ]

Katie and I went to eHarmoney.com and made Lezli the Lezbo. Shes a lesbian (if u couldn't guess) we r going to the Doobie Brothers concert tonight. Doobie is a funny word, that was the slang for pot when my mommy was in highschool, and she would kno, damn pothead freak. but ne wayz that's another story. Katie decided she wanted to be a dancin thing w/ pigtails (as noted i our previouse entry from yesterday : ) )
so now we are going to the concert w/ pigtails, mby we'll pick up some 10 year olds. But yukno thats all Katie can get at 15, mby on her 20th b-day she'll look 15 : ) but u kno me i just get those guys on the side of the road and in bars haha


Charlie Brown [Sat, March 13th, 04 @ 02:29pm]
I am Charlie Brown


EPPP! [Sat, February 14th, 04 @ 01:08pm]
[ mood | calm ]

this be cyrena's new livejournal. blah. i (being the wonderful katie that i am) set this up for her. i am soooo cool.

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